"Literally, I am a bastard. My parents were not married. I take the bastard view. I don’t feel I owe any honor to the group of people I come from. Not because I hate them or anything, but it’s just that when I’m writing, I am such a singular beast that I refuse to take in any worldly consideration for the people I’m from. When I’m writing, whatever I’m doing, I’m devoted to that, and if [the people I am writing about] look dishonorable in the telling of the writing, I wouldn’t change it. I feel that the best way to honor them is to be true."

— Jamaica Kincaid, interview with Brittnay Buckner in Callaloo, 31.2.

“Only the story can continue beyond the war and the warrior.”

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An interesting exchange between writer Lloyd Shepherd and the Mobilism.org community regarding pirating books and, sometimes, paying for the pirated copies instead of going through the proper channels.  Lloyd Shepherd sometimes writes for The Guardian. I learned of this forum from one of his articles.

"This is the time for poetry: All the changes in life draw poetry from us, those of us who are in touch with it. It’s direct even sometimes when you have to turn it upside down to understand it. There’s still something embedded in it that directness [that leads] to the heart. Especially in times of revolution and times of great upheaval and change. And it just does that naturally. You don’t have to play around wondering when it’s going to come. It moves the people. It’s just right there."

— My hero Alice Walker in an interview with The Atlantic.