The newest issue of Former People: A Journal of Bangs and Whimpers is now online. I have a poem there! Please read it and the entire issue.

This is the first poem I’ve published. I’m floored by all of the response. I am forever indebted to Eunoia Review for accepting it and putting it out there in the world. And I’m thanking to my old neighbors for being unbearable expletives who inspired the piece.

The poem has a great title: “A Treatise on My Ignorance, in which I Wallow Happily, Blissfully.”

"Love Your Braider," a short story, is now up at Prairie Wolf Press Review.  Their newest issue, Fall 2011, was launched today.  Or is that is launched today?   Marjorie Carlson Davis, William Michael Sinclair, and j. d. daniels, are the editors at Prairie Wolf Press Review.

The piece is almost completely retrospective, which I generally preach against in fiction.  But I wanted something that would meld memory with the present.